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Owners Jerry and Bertha Miller and Brewer Scott Butts invite you to become a part of today's brewing revival. This is what beer used to be—local, fresh, and distinctive.

Below is a list of our beers, a brief description of their flavors, and some notes on the ingredients used to make each one.

Jerrys IPA Logo

Jerrys IPA

A True American Classic, our I.P.A. is deep golden in color. You will find this beer to have a full malty body with intense hop flavor and aroma. This beer has become a favorite of staff and customers alike. 

ABV: 6.3
IBU: 62
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Marris Otter, Munich, Crystal
Hops: Chinook, Simcoe, Cascade
Brilliant copper color with hoppy flavors and aromas

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Honey Wheat Logo

Honey Wheat

Honey Wheat derives its Honey character from a specially crafted malt. Which means no bees were used in the production of this beer. Billowing wheat malt with subtle notes of honey and almost imperceptible hopping make this a deliciously satisfying beer. 

ABV: 4.7
IBU: 22
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Malted white wheat, Honey malt
Hops: Mt. Hood
Pale and Hazy American Wheat Ale

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ESB logo

Extra Special Bitter

Back in the day, before IPA’s our customers thought this was hoppy. Now it’s just awesome. Inspired by a British classic Extra Special Bitter, our ESB pours amber with a light tan head. Fresh malty aroma with pleasant hop notes, medium-bodied with a balanced finish.

ABV: 5.7
IBU: 56
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Vienna, Malted white wheat, Crystal
Hops: Chinook, Fuggle
Amber-colored English Ale with nice Malt/Hop balance

Hellgate Haze

Hellgate Haze

Pale and hazy. The haze comes from a unique hopping process. Hops are added directly to the fermenter at the beginning of fermentation. This allows the particular yeast strain we use to Biotransform the hops, creating new hop flavors. Flavors tending toward Juicy, Floral, and Tropical.

ABV 6%

IBU about 10

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Blossom Brown Ale

Blossom Brown Ale

This mild ale is dark brown with ruby highlights. Aromas of chocolate and roasted grain lead to a semi-sweet malty palate followed by a well-rounded finish. Our Nut Brown Ale is a rich, flavorful beer that is low in alcohol, making it an excellent session beer!

OG 1.041 | IBU 12 | ABV 4.2% | SRM 19

Calories 124

Grains: Premium 2-Row, Vienna, Munich, Brown, and  Chocolate malt 

Hops: Fuggle  

Double Eagle Imperial Stout logo

Double Eagle Imperial Stout

Imperial stouts were a British export to the royal courts of Russian Czars. 

Ours is a tip of the hat to the brewers that made them and is based on an 1880 Whitbread triple Stout recipe. This beer is very dark with great depths of malty complexity, warming alcohols, and a floral hop character.  

Double Eagle is the perfect match for any chocolate dessert, or even as dessert itself! 

ABV: 8.4
IBU: 48
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Crystal, Brown, Black, Roasted barley
Hops: Chinook, Fuggle
Big and Black with Garnet highlights

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Harbor Lights Kolsch-Style Ale

Very pale in color and aromatic with German noble hop, Harbor Lights has a palate that begins slightly sweet, blends into spicy hop flavors and moves on to a clean dry finish. Harbor Lights is one of the few Kolsch (Koln-style) beers made in America. The yeast used to make Kolsch is unique in that it ferments fairly warm (like an ale) but fairly clean (like a lager) which contributes to its subtle and delicate fruitiness. Our house Kolsch yeast strain was a gift from the famous Paffgen brewery in  

Köln, Germany 

ABV: 5.6
IBU: 30
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Munich
Hops: Mt. Hood
Brilliant Straw colored German Ale

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Black Hops IPA

Full of character, flavor, and spirit. Not overly complex yet bold and powerful. Black Hops is brewed to honor the memory of 

John Noveske 1976-2013  

ABV: 7.9
IBU: 80
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Marris Otter, Crystal, Midnight wheat
Hops: Chinook, Zythos
American Black Ale

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Golden Lager

A classic Pale Lager. Pours golden with a tight white head. Starting with a pleasant malt aroma, leading to a smooth clean palate, and a briefly lingering malt finish ending with subtle hop flavor. Very approachable, very satisfying.  

ABV: 5.2
IBU: 30
Malt: Premium Pilsener, Vienna
Hops: Saaz
Light, crisp, and golden in color. Subtle malt and hop flavors.

Pilsner Logo

Bohemian Pilsener

This classic-styled pils is fermented with a Czech lager yeast, and cold conditioned for at least six weeks, producing a soft billowing palate with luscious malt and hop flavors. Straw-golden and medium bodied, it is dry hopped for a more intense spicy/floral nose. The name Pilsener is often used (especially in America) to denote any pale (usually bland) lager. The name actually indicates the style of beer brewed in Plzn, Czech Republic. While Plzn is the birth place of pale lager, a style which is much imitated throughout the world, the beer brewed in Plzn is very flavorful and has a pronounced  hop character seldom found in it’s imitators. We strive to bring you the flavor of Plzn, not just the name! Hope you enjoy it!ABV: 5.1
IBU: 45
Malt: Domestic Pilsener, Munich, Aromatic
Hops: Saaz
Straw-colored Hoppy Czech-style Lager

Seasonal Brews

Black Berry Porter Logo

Blackberry Porter

Dark brown with aromas of crushed berries and a palate packed with malt complexity and depth. This brew boasts over 12 lbs. of Oregon’s favorite wild fruit per barrel, and just enough hops to accentuate the berries and balance their sweetness. 

ABV: 5.8
IBU: 32
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Brown, Munich, Caramunich, Malted white wheat, Chocolate malt
Hops: Cascade
Deep Brown Robust Porter with 20 pounds Oregon Blackberries per barrel

Oktoberfest Logo


A traditional copper-colored German lager. Begins with rich malt aromas, followed by a smooth malty palate. Finishing with just a touch of hop spiciness and alcohol warmth.  

ABV: 6.1
IBU: 33
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Munich, Vienna, Cara-Munich
Hops: Mt. Hood
Copper/Bronze German Lager

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Snug Harbor Old Ale

Snug is a full bodied, Mahogany colored, English strong ale. Rich malty aroma, Smooth malt body leading to a balanced finish.  

ABV: 8.4
IBU: 60
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Munich, Vienna, Crystal, Brown, Roasted Barley
Hops: Golding
Deep Brown English Strong Ale

Cave Bear Barley Wine Logo

Cave Bear Barley Wine

This year’s release was aged for two years before residing in a whiskey barrel for six weeks. Full-bodied and smooth with warming alcohols and the essence of spirits from the barrel. This is the perfect sipping ale for the winter months. 

ABV: 12
IBU: 75
Malt: Premium 2-Row, Marris Otter, Crystal, Caramunich
Hops: Cascade, Golding, Mt. Hood
Big, Smooth, Cozy