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Honey Wheat

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OG 1.045 | IBU  22  | ABV 4.6% | SRM 8 | Calories 140

 Grains: 2-Row Barley malt, Wheat malt, Gambrinus Honey Malt® 

Hops: Mount Hood 

Honey Wheat is a deliciously satisfying beer that combines the refreshing flavors of wheat malt with subtle notes of honey. Despite its name, this beer is made without the use of actual honey, but rather through the use of specially crafted malt that imparts a honey-like character. With its light, refreshing taste and almost imperceptible hopping, Honey Wheat is the perfect choice for any beer lover looking for a smooth and easy-drinking brew.

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On tap at the brewpub in Grants Pass, Oregon, Honey Wheat is a local favorite that has been enjoyed by beer drinkers for many years. Its pale golden color and clear, sparkling appearance make it a visually appealing choice, while its light body and lively carbonation provide a refreshing and satisfying mouthfeel. The flavor of Honey Wheat is characterized by its mild noble hops, which become more prominent in the lingering finish and aftertaste.

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Wheat beers are a popular and versatile style that have a long history in the brewing industry. Wheat is typically used as a base grain in beer production, and it imparts a light, refreshing character to the finished product. Wheat beers are known for their hazy appearance and crisp, fruity flavors, and they come in a variety of sub-styles, including hefeweizens, witbiers, and more. Whether you are a fan of traditional wheat beers or are looking to try something new, Honey Wheat is a delicious and satisfying choice that is sure to please